A site for the writing, pottery and photography of Anne E. Terpstra.

Chicago-based queer author of f/f stories

Complete listing of books and works-in-progress by author Anne E. Terpstra. Beyond Any Experience is a complete manuscript and available for publication. It is an #ownvoices story set in Chicago featuring LGBTQ+ characters, an intercultural romance and special-needs parenting.

Beyond Any Experience is a complete novel available for publication

After her beloved wife is killed in a sudden accident, Olivia Northman struggles to raise their autistic son alone while grieving the loss that has wrecked both of their lives. An unexpected encounter starts her on a path back to a full life, and another chance at love, if only she can find the courage to share her heart—and her son—with another woman.

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The Worlds We Share is a work in progress (WIP)

Mara Bailey is used to handling things on her own. As a foster kid bouncing through the system, she had to, and now it's all she knows. But when cancer looms large in her life, her deliberate boundaries are broken through, both by a caring set of friends and a woman who challenges everything she thought she knew about love.